Monday, October 11, 2010

Glitter spider for planter

I am currently working on decorating our yard for Halloween it has been slow going. I had some planters I stopped using and added a glitter spider on the front. It looks a litte 3-D. When I finish with my pumpkin topiary I will add that as well. I used some very plain spiders from the craft store and painted glue on them and then added glitter.There are so many projects I want to do and I feel like I have so little time. It is a work in progress....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Martha Stewart Halloween Creation Contest

Martha Stewart is having a Halloween Creation Contest in which the prize is a
500 dollar Grandin Road Gift Card. You can upload a photo and submit to the website.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Halloween Lantern


Today I made a homemade lantern out of the bottom of a milk jug. I cut the bottom part of a milk jug out and wrapped it with stationary paper. I stappled the stationary paper on the jug. I also cut a shape out of the middle of the paper. I wish I would have a chosen a different shape that was more distint. I chose a pumpkin. I also painted the back of the milk jug where the shape was cut out to make it illuminate color. I added ribbon to the top and bottom of the paper. Every year I put out luminaries with my pumpkins. I wanted to change it up and this is an inexpensive way to add lanterns to the yard. I am going to make another one with a better shape or maybe to spell a halloween phrase.

Halloween Wall Art

I saw some really cute wall art at the creative outlet blog. I had some
left over picture frames from another project. Instead of using letters I decided to use some bats like the halloween art from tatertots and jello. I absolutely love it! When my husband said he thought it was "cool" I knew it was a success because he never comments on my crafts.

I also found some glass vases from the dollar store and cut out paper letters that said boo. I had seen this done with some apothcary jars for halloween. This year I have not seen a lot of apothcary jars in the craft stores.

I am working on some halloween luminaries will see how they turn out hopefully good.

Mantle Decorations for Halloween


These are my decorations for my mantle for Halloween. I decided to make a homemade banner for Halloween. I am trying to focus on making my own decorations for holidays. Every year the catalog for Pottery Barn comes and there is so much I want to buy. This year I said no more I can make my own decorations that I like for much less. This year in the Lowe's Creative Idea Catalog online they had spider silhouette templates. They are placed in a stovepipe collar for a frame. I really liked how simple they looked I added some glitter to my spiders for fun it took a little away from the simple form. We love glitter at my house. The cost for the stovepipe collars was twenty dollars which was a little pricey. I thought I could reuse them in a lot of different ways and the picture in the middle could be switched out for different pictures. I also added some candy corn to my lanterns. I put some mini pumpkins on some candleholders. It a good start for my first time. Any suggestions for making it better?
Lowes Creative Ideas-